Kubota highlights stories from the heart with Down To Earth

Kubota ANZ has launched its Down to Earth magazine to promote the stories of its customers
across Australia and New Zealand’s diverse farming, construction and lifestyle industries.
The magazine will be distributed amongst Kubota’s dealership networks, available on the
Australian and New Zealand Kubota websites and can be shared directly with Kubota lovers

Kubota General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Malcolm Owens, said Kubota was thrilled to be
able to shine a light on the rich stories of customers. “For more than forty years, Kubota has been
providing equipment for Australian and New Zealand farmers, construction workers and
everyone in between,” said Malcolm. “We love hearing about their interesting work through our
relationships with our dealership networks, and we look forward to bringing their stories to the
world. From RTVs battling New Zealand’s harsh terrain, generators powering Kangaroo Island’s
first microbrewery, to Kubota machinery changing the future of construction, each story
illustrates the image and values of the Kubota brand: Building and Shaping Australia and New

The magazine will showcase a wide range of projects and fields that Aussies and Kiwis are
involved in and why they turn to Kubota to get the job done.

“We take pride in how our Kubota machinery can help enhance the lives of our customers by
making their day-to-day processes more productive and efficient, so capturing these stories in
one place is fantastic,” said Malcolm. “Readers can expect to see a range of content including a
cane farmer in North Queensland, students learning how to safely operate tunnelling machinery
and a look at our recent partnership on the popular TV show, The Block.”

Kubota will release two Down to Earth editions per year, featuring multiple case studies
accompanied by imagery.

The magazine will be available in the 140 Kubota dealerships across Australia and 26
dealerships across New Zealand, in addition to the Kubota Australian and New Zealand Down To
Earth websites.

Reference: https://kubota.com.au/news-and-updates/down-to-earth


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