Kubpower 40-years in business!

This year, 2020, marks the 40th year Kubpower have been in business, a tremendous milestone indeed! From the very beginning until now, it has all been carefully guided and directed by Managing Director, Angelo DiCesare and wife Lynne. Take a look at our story here!

We take this opportunity to thank all our valued customers over this time and welcome our many new customers too. Our dedicated staff over this period and to those who are of course still with us and still with us from the very beginning!

This is a milestone that needs to be celebrated and what better way to celebrate than with some specials and the very generous $150k government Tax Write-Off to go with it!

Over the course of the year, while it has started as a tough year for us all, just be sure to keep en eye out for the many specials we will have available to you all.

We thank you again and look forward to the next 40-years with the younger generations in play!

Best wishes,
Angelo, Lynne, Family and the Kubpower family!


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