Antonio Carraro Tractor TTR 4400 HST

The hydrostatic tractor TTR 4400 HST belonging to the 30 Series, is both reversible and multifunctional.

The machine-attachment combination can be set up in various operational trims with a high standard of specialisation, performing all sorts tasks including grounds care, hillside grass mowing, hobby farming, contracting for roads side maintenance, loader & forklift operation and many more.

The speed and agility of the TTR 4400 HST combined with it’s hydrostatic transmission make it unbeatable for speed of operation and manouverability and these features, combined with its exceptional steering, compact dimensions, remarkable stability and safety, allow it to operate in many normal farming areas where the use of a tractor is required. There are high comfort levels for the operator, along with ergonomics and safety, all guaranteeing high-yield work in every season and in whatever climate.

MAKE:Antonio Carraro


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