Chicago Pheumatic Breakers (RX18)

Breakers Excavator attachments for carriers of 1-70 tons

Build to Last:
Our RX hydraulic breakers are built to power through the toughest tasks day in and day out. Few components with only two moving parts for easy maintenance, long service life and quiet operation.

Hybrid Technology:
Combined gas/oil working principle ensures the optimum transmission of energy from the piston to the working tool to deliver a high impact energy.

MAKE:Chicago Pneumatic

Power Boosters: 
Rather than waste recoil energy, technology in RX breakers converts it to reusable energy that enhances percussive performance to deliver more power from the same hydraulic input.

Breaker Box Guiding System:
Minimises recoil forces for less strain on the carrier, operator and breaker. All RX breakers deliver sound power levels among the lowest in the market.

Internal Control Valve:
Protects sensitive parts to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

Fewer parts for optimised durability and easy serviceability.

Made to get your job done

Light hydraulic breakers:

The light and medium ranges come with a two-in one design of cylinder and tool holder. A replaceable cylinder sleeve supports an easy exchange. No side bolts eliminates bending stress on the machine.
The light breakers come with a one-piece floating wear bush, a central lubrication point and our EasyPower feature which makes positioning of the working tool a piece of cake. 

Heavy hydraulic breakers:

PowerControl Plus enables the operator to adjust the operation mode of the breaker. It´s a combined stroke length and start-up mode switching valve that the operator can change in the field without opening the hydraulic circuit.
Reinforced breaker box design: additional rock claws add a higher wear protection.


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