Crendon Bin Runner

The Bin Runner is a very versatile trailer, capable of picking up, transporting smoothly and unloading bins fast and efficiently. 4, 5 or 6 bin models available. To pick up bins in the orchard the Bin Runner is lowered and aligned so that the frame slides under the bin. Chains move the bin forwards while the Bin Runner is reversing. Unloading is even easier. Bin Runner is lowered and then driven forward while the chains are moving backwards, gently unloading.


The new strong floor chains have a rounded top and do not damage or chafe the wood or plastic bins, HDPE nylon wear strips are under the chain.
Transporting of bins is very gentle (even on rough roads) because of the smooth ride given by the rocking tandem axles (4 ton rated). These rocker wheel pivots now have self lubricating HDPE bushes. High flotation tyres 25×10.5×12″ 8 ply, hot dip galvinising rims, heavy duity bolt on mud gards, stub axils. The cranck axil & rocker assambly is now double the strength as previous.
Bin guides now full length & adjustable in with and attached to main chassis line bin centrally whilst loading. The axle assembly can be unbolted from the frame to allow compact transport.
The Bin Runner has large skids which aide easy pick up of bins on soft ground while the chains remain clean. Also prevents damage to hot-mix while loading & unloading.
NEW hydraulic ram operated 4 bin latches prevent bins from slipping off while loading or transporting. You can even load bins driving down a steep slope the racket latches will prevent the last and second last bin coming off. When unloading, these latches are automatically hydraulic retracted.
Bin Runner is highly manoeuvrable when mounted to the front of the tractor, which is the standard set-up for use in orchard conditions. Headlands only need to be 7 metres clear to enable Bin Runner to efficiently pick up bins.
Bin Runner is proven to be a cost efficient because the one unit picks bins up from the packing shed, distributes them in the orchard and then returns to the packing shed with full bins even with distances of 2km to travel it eliminates the need for trucks, tractor forklifts and tractor with 3PL forks.


  • Total Length 4 bins – 6.3m (for long distance transport 5.8m)
  • Total Length 5 bins – 7.5m (for long distance transport 7m)
  • Total Length 6 bins – 8.7m (for long distance transport 8.2m)
  • Overall Width – 1.83m (for long distance transport 1.15m)
  • Tyres – 4 x 25×10.5×12″ 8 ply on 10″x12″ hot dip gall rims
  • Stub Axils – 2.5 tonn per pair
  • Rocker axil piovet – diamter 75mm with 4 x HDPE bushers
  • Bin Capacity 4, 5 or 6 x 700kg bins (with a fork spacing greater than 665mm & no cross boards on the very bottom)
  • Hydraulic Requirements – 2 pairs of remotes; 2,200 psi 4 gpm (min)


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