Croplands Broadacre Trailed Boom Sprayers

Our range of Broadacre trailing sprayers are built with a respect for Australia’s tough and varying terrain. They feature top-quality tanks, robust booms and heavy-duty chassis designs. All backed by the very best technical support and service delivered through the Croplands dealer network and experienced technicians who know your sprayer inside and out.

Engineered with the latest technology, Croplands Broadacre sprayers are as highly durable as they are easy to operate.

They set the standard for reliability and efficiency, providing growers with confidence in their performance season after season.


There are FOUR models in this range

  1. Sonic Boomsprayers

  2. Pegasus

  3. Pinto

  4. TrailPak 1100 | 1500



With versatile sizes ranging from 3000 to 8000L, there’s a tank to match the scale of any operation.

Each one is hard wearing and long lasting with UV and chemical-resistant technology.

Venturi agitation optimises chemical suspension, while optional recirculation on larger models provides next-level agitation.

All models are equipped with flushing tanks that provide first-class boom hygiene and rinsing functions for a comprehensive tank clean out.

Integrated chemical induction hoppers ensure effortless chemical mixing and main-tank transfer.

And safety is always convenient thanks to freshwater handwashing tanks.



Our booms bring reliability and stability to the table in equal measure. They range from 18 to 36m in size, depending on the model. Paddock proven, they’re capable of handling Australia’s tough conditions. And with chemical and corrosion resistance, you can trust they’ll stand the test of time.

Booms fold and lift hydraulically with a fold-in gull-wing style, and include an optional independent hydraulic wing lift and outer wing fold for spraying at half width.

Spray rails are internally mounted for nozzle protection.

Expect an unrivalled performance with non-drip, quick-release nozzle bodies with drift-reducing AirMix® air-induction nozzles. They’re spaced 50cm on a single line, with the option for triple nozzle bodies.

You also have the option to improve chemical distribution and penetration on small targets with 25cm spacings for single nozzles.



Hard-wearing and long-lasting, our chassis is designed to meet Australia’s harsh conditions head on.

The axle suspension on larger models provides excellent shock absorption and maintains a smooth ride, even on undulating terrain.

24–36 METRE BOOMS, 5000–6000 LITRE TANKS

5000 OR 6000 LITRE TANK
  • Low profile easy to clean polyethylene tanks
  • Large, fully draining sump for complete clean out. 50mm drain outlet
  • Dual Venturi agitation with direct chemical induction at the venturi point to optimise suspension of chemicals
  • Tank rinsing facility and large drain outlet
  • UV and chemical resistant to increase longevity
  • Top/bottom fill-point with screen filter to ensure particles don’t enter the tank
  • 3 section motorised valves, 5 or 7 optional
  • ISOBUS compatible

Also compatible with

  • Trimble
  • Topcon
  • Greenstar

Optional Trimble Ready with Field IQ module available for order.

  • Choose from 24, 28, 30, 33 and 36 metre booms – with wing-lift available on all models as an option
  • Parallelogram boom lift exceeds two metres and is fitted with a hydraulic accumulator suspension system for smooth boom ride
  • Pendulum-type full floating self leveller vastly improves turning stability of the boom and provides additional shock absorption from sudden wheel track movements
  • Adjustable 90° boom-end breakaways, boom skids, fence line protectors and protected nozzles to minimise potential contact damage
  • Four-ram hydraulic side-fold system which locks for safety in transport
  • Flushing taps at end of each boom section for excellent boom flushing
  • Chemical resistant finish to prevent corrosion
  • Non-drip nozzle bodies with drift reducing low pressure AirMix® air-induction nozzles



Designed for large scale farming the Pegasus 8000 takes another step to satisfy the demand for increased productivity while keeping the proven, robust simplicity that is the hallmark of the Pegasus range.

  • Minimises re-fill down time and increases field efficiency
  • Huge sump empties completely for drain out. 50mm drain outlet
  • Large Venturi agitators front and rear, plus sparge-tube recirculation ensure excellent agitation and chemical suspension
  • Twin rinsing nozzles for complete tank clean out
  • 700 litre fresh water flushing and rinsing tank
  • UV and chemical resistant to increase longevity
  • Hinged lid with filling strainer and top/bottom fill point with large screen filter
  • ISOBUS compatible

Also compatible with

  • Trimble
  • Topcon
  • Greenstar

Choose from 30, 33 and 36 metre booms with unrivalled boom ride and stability.

  • 10 years of continuous development means the Pegasus boom range can handle the workload in the field. Designed for Australian conditions, the steel construction has a proven track record
  • 2 metre plus parallelogram lift with hydraulic accumulator suspension assists boom ride and adds to increased spraying precision and longevity
  • Pendulum-type fully floating self-levelling centre section with yaw dampening provides unrivalled boom stability
  • A clever 90° boom-end breakaway system, fenceline protectors, sprung boom skids and protected nozzles minimise potential contact damage
  • Independent outer wing fold enables operation with the boom half folded if required in tight spaces
  • Stainless steel boom lines to avoid contamination build-up
  • Flushing taps at end of sections for complete boom clean out
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant finish to avoid corrosion issues
  • Four-ram hydraulic side-fold system which locks for safety in transport
  • Non-drip nozzle bodies with drift reducing low pressure AirMix® air-induction nozzles


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