Croplands WEED-IT Optical Spot Spraying

WEED-IT from Croplands. The number one optical spot sprayer in the world.

Designed with the challenges that growers face in mind, WEED-IT from Croplands provides more control while taking efficiency to the next level.

Using advanced sensors, WEED-IT detects chlorophyll in actively growing weeds in fallow fields, identifying and targeting them with unrivalled accuracy. This saves water and time, preserves precious soil moisture and minimises the weed seed bank. It also drastically reduces herbicide use, which maximises return on investment.

Get outstanding results, even on hard-to-kill weeds, with WEED-IT – the world’s number one optical spot sprayer.

And when you invest in a WEED-IT from Croplands, you are also investing in years of spot spraying expertise, coupled with unparalleled service standards and ongoing technical support.




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