Kubota BX Series Tractor

From mowing the lawn to commercial landscaping, Kubota’s sub compact BX Series tractor range is designed for long hours of demanding and continuous use. Compact in design but powerful in performance, the BX Series tackles heavy duty jobs even in the tightest of spaces, boosting exceptional manoeuvrability and agility.




BX80 Series tractors are powered by rugged engines, built by Kubota exclusively for BX models, and renowned worldwide for their exceptional reliability and durability.

BX1880, BX2380 and BX23S models are equipped with 18- and 23-horsepower diesel engines, while the BX2680 packs a 25.5-horsepower diesel engine under the hood for that extra bit of grunt.

All BX engines are 3-cylinder workhorses, offering power unparalleled for tractors this size, with enough muscle to tackle even your toughest jobs.

Name BX1880 BX2380 BX2680 BX23S
Type Liquid-cooled Liquid-cooled Liquid-cooled Liquid-cooled
Fuel Type Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Cylinders 3 3 3 3
Model Kubota D722 Kubota D902 Kubota D1005 Kubota D902
Engine Gross 18 hp 23 hp 25.5 hp 23 hp
PTO 13.7 hp 17.7 hp 19.5 hp 17.7 hp
Displacement 719 cc 898 cc 1001 cc 898 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 25 l 25 l 25 l 25 l
Rated Speed 3200 rpm 3200 rpm 3200 rpm 3200 rpm


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