Kubota SVL97-2 Track Loader

Powered by a 96.4HP Kubota engine with exceptional 3611KG bucket breakout force and outstanding lifting capacity at 2662KG, the Kubota SVL97-2 delivers superior comfort and performance to tackle any job with ease. The SVL97-2 replaces the previous SVL95-2s and has had modifications made to the cab, diesel exhaust fluid tank (DEF), engine and general function and design changes. The SVL97-2 will still have the same stand out features and specifications as the previous SVL95-2s, offering superior versatility with hi-flow hydraulics delivering 152.0 l/min to run the largest attachments from tree mulchers to road profilers.




Lifting capacity of 2662kg with a best-in-class bucket breakout force of 2814kg for high performance and reliability
Standard with engine stall guard ensuring machine will not stall even in the toughest conditions.

Wide working range and unique vertical lift design delivers exceptionally long reach of 1035mm.

Self-leveling function keeps the bucket or forks in a horizontal position without having to manually adjust the angle while lifting the arm.

Enhanced AUX flow rate on high flow model increased to 152 l/m allowing high efficiency for attachments that require a large flow rate.


Standard 2 speed function to shift from 8.0 km/h to 11.7 km/h with a press of a button.

Pilot valve with shuttle piston ensures that consistent oil flow,  improving stability when traveling straight.

Ground clearance of 293mm let’s you drive over troublesome obstacles with ease.

Traction force of 5524KG, the original Kubota lug design provides more grip and traction force than ever before.
Excellent 360° visibility for added safety.


Improved sealing of the cab providing a better A/C experience with increased cabin pressure resulting in a cleaner environment for the operator.

The Luxurious cab delivers all you need for a comfortable ride: wide cab entrance, ergonomically designed controls and deluxe suspension seat.

Hand dial and foot throttle allows you to match the engine speed to the task at hand.

Easy to clean floor mat and built in drain hole for those hard to reach places.

Pressurized cab keeps out debris with air conditioning for operator comfort in hot conditions. Standard on all enclosed cab models.

Easy-open sliding front windows can be opened regardless of the position of bucket or attachment.


Tilt up cab ensures easy access to hydraulic pumps, valves, lines and hydraulic tank for operator convenience.

Slide and tilt radiator and oil cooler for easy cleaning and daily routine inspections.

For daily inspection checks simply open the rear bonnet where components are centralised for operator convenience.

Rear bonnet design change with additional vertical vent supports to prevent bending of the vents.


Welded and integrated mainframe and undercarriage for maximum durability in the toughest conditions.

Triple flange track roller design improves machine stability and minimises the risk of de-tracking.

Kubota tracks prevent soil accumulation and increase tractor force during long hours of operation.


Enhanced AUX flow rate on high flow model increased to (110.9 l/m) to run high capacity for attachments that require a large flow rate. Available in 1/2″ and 3/4 ” couplers.

Electronic travel torque management system lets you work faster with more power. The ECU provides optimal torque by controlling the amount of oil from the HST pump based on the engine load.

The new optional multi-function levers (STD on High Flow model) provide fingertip control of all major vehicle and attachment operations, letting you keep both hands on the levers at all times for optimal operating efficiency.

Engine & DPF: 

Powerful Kubota 96.4HP CRS (common rail system) diesel engine.
CRS electronically controls the fuel injection timing and amount for high torque at a low RPM, improving work efficiency.

DPF (diesel particulate filter) automatically burns the particulate matter built up in the filter.

Automatic burning can be postponed when the track loader is operating  in fire prone areas or hazardous environments.

Updates include a DEF harness bracket design change to reduce friction and vibration, while the harness is now mounted in a different position

The DEF tank has been modified with a capacity of 12L, and now comes standard with a lockable DEF tank cover for the Ad Blue tank.


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