Rinieri Bio-Dynamic Tool Holders

The Bio Dynamic inter-row tool holder is ideal for quick and effective mechanical weeding and weed management in vineyards and orchards. Is composed by:

  • Bio-disc, a Rollhacke toothed disc that breaks up the soil near the plants and tamps them up
  • finger hoeing head Bio Star, a patented rubber star that performs the inter-row work, eliminates weeds near the plants and evens out the soil.


The frame is available in single or double version, both rear and front, narrow or wide to adapt to all needs from small vineyards to large orchards.

In addition, it can be fitted with lawnmower wheels and rollers as an option to mow the grass in the centre of the row.

A very useful tool for inter-row management is the inter-row remover, produced in different variants of heads and flails.

We can combine three types of inter-row strip remover machines with the mounted loom:

  • SRV sucker remover, to eliminate the shoots that form on the stem of plants and weeds, available with 3 types of weeds: soft for young plants, in nylon for more adult plants and weeds, in strip for older plants develop.
  • SRC compact sucker remover, ideal in vineyards and orchards with suspended irrigation, available with 3 types of weeds: soft for young plants, nylon for more adult plants and weeds, strip for more developed grasses.
  • SRL long thread remover, ideal for removing grass mainly in orchards, with nylon threads that can be manually removed quickly and easily.

All available in single and double version.


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