Rinieri Offset Tilling/Cultivating Machines

The FS rotary tillers satisfy every hoeing need on rows with plants spaced at least 80 cm. They ensure a very good weeding even with developed and sturdy grass. 5 models available with hydraulic height adjustable rotor head, spring damper to cushion violent strokes, suitable for 1,50 – 6 metres wide rows.

FS-A rotary hoeing tillers are new, manufactured to be used with reversible-drive tractor and with front lift. They keep the same features and performance of rear mount FS while offering an easier view of working area. Different models available, with different side shifting lengths, suitable for 2,50 – 6 metres wide rows.


Inter-row shredder for mechanical weeding in orchards and vineyards. The original in-row power harrow for vineyards and orchards is the result of 30 years of developing. It can work in difficult conditions and on hills sides thank to the tilting of the working head. The power harrow EL series removes the grass from the ground and does not make any tillage pan. The minimum distance in the row can be 50cm.

EL-A hydraulic offset cultivators are new and manufactured to be used with reversible-drive tractor or with front lift. They keep the same features and efficaciousness of rear mount hydraulic offset cultivator EL, while offering an easier view of the working area. Many models available, with different side shifting lengths and suitable for 1,20 – 6 metres wide rows.

ELX combines reduced overall and sturdiness for big reliability in stony soils. It is ideal for demanding customer who have to work in difficult conditions,
in hard and stony soil. The machine has a three arm side shift, a mechanic anti-shock system for dampening and a special PTO shaft with a ratchet style torque limiter. The machine mount a special patent device “RSA” that controls the side shifting of the machine when it comes back to the trees line. When the sensor rod find the tree the machine works as normal and avoid the obstacle. When the sensor leave the tree, the machine come back only for the distance which has been set up. Therefore, if the tractor does not run in a straight line, the work will run in a straight line. On the standard EL, on the other hand, a non-rectilinear tractor line corresponds to an equal working line. In some cases, this means that the working head is positioned too far beyond the row, which is a disadvantage in terms of working speed and safety compared to the ELX.

Rotary in and out tree hoe EPs can perform a perfect complete weeding in ranges of vineyards and orchards with stony ground and even in very close plant spacing. They root out weeds without chopping them, move and level the earth without refining it too much or creating a hard pan. EPs are very robust and equipped with a special security joint.


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