Rinieri Turbo Tool Holder – Front & Rear Mount


The Turbo line includes a series of inter-row machines :

The Turbo Evo vineyard and orchard tool holder inerceppo with electro-hydraulic straddle group, available in single and double ( Turbo Evo Twin ), front or rear. Machinery that can be customized and adapted to all inter-row work needs thanks to the 7 different tools that can be fitted. An inter-row that becomes the right solution for any type of inter-row processing.


The Turbo inter-row , single or double, with straddling group to which different tools can be connected, is a tool holder on which we can mount a series of tools for mechanical weeding and cleaning the soil in vineyards and orchards. It is available in front and rear versions, with different working widths.

Both inter-rows can be equipped with the Kit 4.0 and the Easy Ride automatic driving system which guarantee greater optimization of the work.

Furthermore, the range includes the CM-Turbo , a cultivator with spring tines and electro-hydraulic straddle groups and the Turbo Middle , a ventral hydraulic straddle group to be mounted between the tractor wheels, for working between rows.

In addition, to satisfy more particular needs, we have different inter-rows for a series of specific processes:

  • Inter-row power harrows for vineyards and orchards, rear or front, which uproot weeds without creating a working sole and able to work in difficult conditions and in compact and stony soils.
  • Inter-row cutters for vineyards and orchards, both rear and front.
  • Hydraulic or electro-hydraulic inter-row plows for clearing vineyards and orchards.
  • Interceps for truffle grounds suitable for the most demanding customers who have to work in very difficult conditions and on stony and hard ground. A specific tool for truffle grounds, but which can also be used in vineyards and orchards with stony soils as it allows you to break up any type of soil, making it soft and porous over time.




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